Texture/Asset Flickering

So last night I was testing the scale of a building architecture, and I noticed that in the distance, some of the railings that I have set up was flickering. Is this an LOD issue or a texturing issue, or perhaps both? As it was just a scale test, I did not have a proper LOD setup nor did I have the UVMapping set up, although I did apply some generic metal texture in the engine.

Up close, the textures / model did not flicker, only when viewing from a distance (which makes me believe it’s an LOD issue).

Could you probably post a video so that we know how this flickering looks like :slight_smile:

Sure, once I get home tonight I’ll upload a video of it.

The effect you’re seeing is known as the Moire effect similar to this:

This is a aliasing artifact that can sometimes be improved by using anti-aliasing like FXAA or Temporal AA.

The best solution in situations like this is to use a lower LOD or use normal maps to display higher detail rather than some modeled detail.

If you need any examples I can try and setup some as I’ve seen this question come up a few times. Feel free to post any images or video and I can offer some feedback that will help in some instances to reduce this effect.

That looks really similar, and though I promised a video sampled uploaded tonight, unfortunately I won’t be able to do it until tomorrow evening. Replacing the pick arm in an industrial-ish photo printer isn’t as simple as I had hoped for, especially when you don’t have access to service manuals / support numbers / tech code to get into the printer’s diag menu… so my “I plan on getting this done in 1 hour” instead took 5 hours; gotta love 13 hour work days :