Texture Artist LF Project

Yes! I’ll work for free.

Just a little about me; I love texturing assets, bringing them to life is fenomenal to me. I do have experience with it, but I do not have a portfolio yet for many reasons.

I have strong painting/photoshop skills and I know pretty much every texturing software nowadays. (MARI, Substance D/P, Quixel, 3d coat, (Zbrush when needed) - I’m used with PBR workflow).

This leads me to search for a fun project that will help me to build my portfolio and we help each other. :slight_smile:

Few things I would like to mention;

  • I’m not looking for money. I just want the right to show the textures I create on a portfolio and learn.
  • I prefer to deal with realism over stylized or hand painted.
  • I am very patient, I don’t mind redoing my work over and over again.
  • Keep in mind I’m still learning.
  • +++ Points if I have to work on Substance Designer.
  • All my software is licensed. (don’t know if it matters, but…)

What I expect from you/your project:

  • Decent communication skills, please!!
  • Preferably on-going project. Your project should not be in very early stages. If it’s just an idea, please don’t even bother to mail.
  • You should not be in a total rush.
  • Obviously, I won’t take huge loads of work.

I think that is all.
So, if you have nice props or characters that need texturing, mail me and tell me about your project!

Hopefully we both can benefit from it.


If you are interested. We are making 3rd person sci fi shooter game (something like alien swarm or 1990s syndicate in space).
I bought scifi top down pack, here on market place. It was meant for mobile games, so whole thing could use better textures (also changing uvs for better quality, doing smoth groups etc).
So if you are interested in doing that, please let me know.

Later when i have time (coding that game eats up all my free time) I am planning on making more environment sets. I am quite good at making static meshes, and doing UVs for them. But my texturing skills are questionable.

And yes doing textures with Substance designer or quixel suite would be great. I bought both applications, but have no time to do ART.

Also if we ever finish this game and start selling it, this should be royalty position.