Texture Artist and Animator

Hi there, looking for a texture artist that can do handpainted models.

An example of models can be seen below.


And we are looking for the models to be done in this style:


We have tons of models that need texturing, most of them are unwrapped and ready to go.

We are also looking for an animator for our main character. We are looking for combo fighting styles. We have references for you, and the character is rigged and skinned.

Sorry if everything is too vague, but please contact me with more information here: or SKYPE: nareice.jade.wint if you have any questions about the project.

We are quite a big team, but we all work part time on this. It’s a big project that we are looking for someone to invest in!

information about our game here:

Email sent! Love the style

Skype invite sent.

Hey guys, thanks for the emails. We have a texture artist now, but still looking for a Animator! :slight_smile:

Hey there, would love to chat with you about animating on your project… One question, you mentioned that you are a big team and are looking for someone to invest in it, is that mean you’re looking for artists to invest their time or are you funded, offering paid work here and actively seeking a large investor to fund the rest of development?

I can do any form of art you would need, messaged you on skype. I have proof of all my artwork.

hi, i am generalist 3D from model, uv, texture… until animation

my portfolio:

contact me on skype: