Texture Array

Hi All,

How do I make a texture array to just hold 3x512 textures? (Later I want the UI to read those values. so they can be instance-specific on begin play) in the images below you can see the textures showing up on the HUD but the problem is they are “hardcoded” right now and I want it to be so I can replicate the blueprint around and the player can customize their world, but with the same blueprint.

As you can see in the images below when I make the image array, it doesnt show my three textures as a possible picking choice, why is that?

Thank you very much!

It needs to be a texture object reference:


That’s awesome, do you by any chance know how to that note in C++?

Nope, sorry :wink:

Thank you anyways man, really appreciate it!

If you want to know how to do it in C++, you need to first include the header:

#include "Engine/Texture2D.h"

Then declare a TArray of type UTexture2D when you need it:

TArray TextureList;

Sorry, I really meant to type

TArray<UTexture2D*> TextureList