Texture angle on landscape

Hi everyone, I honestly searched the entire Internet, but I could not find the information. I made a landscape and covered it with textures, but there was a problem. The texture of the rock, which is vertical, lays down on the landscape normally on one side and not on the other, how can I make sure that the texture is always facing the center of the landscape?

You can’t this way. That’s why it’s imprtant to have tiling materials set properly.
You can try to use WorldAlignedBlend, but it’s generally expensive. It would probably end up being worse on the landscape.

How large is this portion of the landscape?
You may be better off creating a few Cliff Face meshes to cover it properly. I would say that’s better in 90% of cases. particularly with sections of landscape geometry below 100m
To avoid the landscape displaying under the mesh you can even go as far as deleting the landscape component manually, since you can.

ok, we figured out the rock, but what about sand? how can I turn it so that it runs in stripes along the coast? in this case, is it better for me to use the path?

Same as before.
you can approximate at best, or use a material that has no lines at all…

you can also try using a map sized texture, but ne aware that anything above 2k causes performance loss.