Texture Aligning Tool stiil do not work properly(Video)

Hi there,

sorry- but it´s me again-i have still the issue with the aligning tool and no help is out there. Am I the only one having this issue???
For a clear state i´ve made a video so you can see this tool isn´t working for me because it has no function at all.

Maybe someone is around who can help me.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards


-which engine version (so that I can test it)
-do you get this problem in all your projects?
-what happens when you try to use one of the surface properties?
-choose a settings and click on the build button -> check if something has changed :slight_smile:

Hi Fighter, greetings to Austria, but i´ll message in english just to be kind to other users :wink:
I use Version 4.8.3 the newest
Yes, i get this problem all the time in every project. The same happens also in UTE4.
I can align the Textures manualy with the button down under Align Textures.
Tried it out but after building nothing happens…
Seems to be iám the only one having this issue… :-/