Texture 2D vs. Image in UMG

I would like to display 2D art assets in UMG menus. Is it recommended to use the Texture 2D or Image class or something other class?

We use the UImage UMG class.

Make sure your source image in the content browser has Min Gen Settings >> No Mip Maps and Texture Group >> UI set.

@Shmoopy1701 Thanks a lot.

What image format do you use? PNG, TGA, something else?

What resolution(s) do you typically use for menu images? For example, the background image for a entire menu (large) vs. the image for an inventory item (small).

No matter what you use. Unreal imports images basically as Texture2D.

And that’s fine.
You place them in the brush settings of an image Widget, or replace it via Graph with
ImageRef -> SetBrushFromTexture

I save my image source in photoshop, export it as lossless png, then import png into game.