Texture 2d Array Disappeared in UE 4.25 ?

Hello Folks,

There was an issue with Texture 2d Array impossible to create from the content browser in the 4.24.
This issue is supposed to be fixed in the 4.25 :

But now i’m unable to find it anymore from the content browser right click menu > materials & textures.
Have you guys any ideas where it is now ?

Thanks a lot

static TAutoConsoleVariable<int32> CVarAllowTexture2DArrayAssetCreation(
   TEXT("Enable UTexture2DArray assets"),

Texture2DArray seems to handle creation by console variable.

Set Console Varable in editor.

  1. `
  2. r.AllowTexture2DArrayCreation 1
  3. enter

then you can create Texture2dArray asset