Texture 2d Array Disappeared in UE 4.25?

Hello Folks,

There was an issue with Texture 2d Array impossible to create from the content browser in the 4.24.
This issue is supposed to be fixed in the 4.25 : Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-84542)

But now i’m unable to find it anymore from the content browser right click menu > materials & textures.
Have you guys any ideas where it is now ?

Thanks a lot

static TAutoConsoleVariable<int32> CVarAllowTexture2DArrayAssetCreation(
   TEXT("Enable UTexture2DArray assets"),

Texture2DArray seems to handle creation by console variable.

Set Console Varable in editor.

  1. `
  2. r.AllowTexture2DArrayCreation 1
  3. enter

then you can create Texture2dArray asset


Thanks! It works!