TextRender Size Mis-Reported on Mobile

Text Render includes both Get Actor Bounds as well as Get Text Local Size / Get Text World Size and these work fine and dandy in the editor. Deploying to mobile (both Android and iOS) reports size (at least on the Y axis) to be zero regardless of the text length. This can be proven by including a box component, visible in the game view in a blueprint and using the construction script to first set the text of a text render sub-component; then setting the bounds of the box to match the reported size of the text render component (or just spitting out a string.)

Setting the value after construction works fine. During the construction script this works on the desktop, does not work on mobile.

Howdy Thomas,

Sorry to get to this post so late. Has this issue that you reported been resolved with newer releases of the Engine or have you still be seeing the same issue.

Thanks and have a great day!

We’ve moved to UMG for this specific case. Go ahead and close it.