TextRender doesn't load font correctly.

So I’m trying to create a 3d text object. I have a custom font. The Text Render object doesn’t load any text in the font at all when I go to switch it. I have been researching this for hours and nothing has worked.

You need to make a font material. Here’s how:

  • Import your font. Double click it to go to its editor.
  • Change Font Cache Type to Offline.
  • Expand Import Options, and set Height to 20, or whatever makes this happen: In the image, you want the row with the letter Z to be at the bottom of the first image square. Usually you’ll have extra symbols spilling into a second image. If you need those symbols, make a another font file with only those symbols, import it, and follow these instructions.
  • Scroll down to check Use Distance Field Alpha
  • Save. Under Asset, click Reimport. Save.
  • Create a new material.
  • Right click and create a FontSampleParameter node. Click it to see its details. Chose your font for Font.
  • Create a LinearInterpolate node. Click to go to details. Set Const A to -90 and Const B to 90.
  • Plug the top pin from your Font node into the Alpha of the Lerp node.
  • Click the main node, the big guy with all the inputs, to go to its details. Set Blend Mode to Masked.
  • Plug the result of your Lerp into Opacity Mask of the main node.
  • Plug anything you want into Base Color of the main node. You can use a Constant3Vector for a simple color.

Now that you’ve done that, implementing it into a TextRender actor is easy.

  • Go the details of the TextRender actor.
  • Set Text Material to your new material.
  • Set Font to the same font you used for your material.

Keep in mind that the very first step I mentioned, changing Font Cache Type to Offline, will make it so your font cannot be selected in UMG. You can make a duplicate of your font and set the Font Cache Type to Runtime to use it in UMG.

For ease of organization, I like to name one Font_render and the other Font_UMG.

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That worked! Thank you! Now I just need to edit the font because it’s cutting off some characters. Still thanks!

Happy to save you the heartache! Btw if you make a comment, you have to re-accept the answer. This is definitely one we want others to be able to find easily

“Plug the top pin from your Font node into the Alpha of the Lerp node.” ← this gives me an error saying “Coercion failed”

I can put in any of the individual channels (RGB) but not the top pin into the alpha of the lerp node. help me please?
EDIT: I think you meant the bottom pin- the alpha of the font to the alpha of the lerp? but my letters are getting chopped up…

for anyone having the same problem: the reason the top pin can’t go through the lerp into the mask is that the mask wants a float and the top pin is a float3. So i added the red to the green and the result of that to the blue and just used that as the mask.

@DG Gage WOOT you are the man, where did you learn that trick?