TextBox Wrapping ignores "Wrap Text At" after SetText is called.

Hi, I may have found a bug in the engine, or I’m missing something. I’m using simple text box with wrapping of text, and I want to use the feature: “Wrap Text At”. It works well in the design mode, and when the engine starts, first time I visualize the widget. But then if I change the text seems the “Wrap Text At” is ignored. I tried to get the value at runtime, and the value is set to 200, but its ignored. I’m using 4.24.1 release

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I use something like this for tooltips and it’s working fine.
Try like this: after Canvas Panel add **Overlay **as parent element and check **Size to Content. **You can after add Sizebox element

Hi, thanks for your reply. I tried to add the Overlay with size to content, also added next the sizebox, but its not working, the result is identical to the screenshots above.

In your sizebox set Child layout: Min desired Width, Min Desired Height, Max desired Width and other parameters if needed.
It will automatically expand to desired width/height.


I found the solution and my mistake. The problem was using “Auto Wrap Text” + “Wrap Text At” together. This doesnt work. To obtain what I want you need to use ONLY “Wrap Text At” and leave “Auto Wrap Text” unchecked.


This issue also took me almost a whole week to find a soluation. Gosh, why they didn’t mention it on the official page?