Text vs Voice?

Hello everyone! It’s been awhile.
How are you all doing?

So! I’ve finally got around to starting development on the game I’ve been trying to get going.
Good thing right?
Nope because as usual with me, I have a problem.

I wanted to do voice work, but unfortunately I’m not up to the task right now. My voice keeps coming out horrible when I record due to me being sick.

I’m posing a question to you guys:
Is it possible to convey the same amount of emotion in text-dialogue that you can in voice-dialogue?
If so do you have an example?

I really hold this game idea dear so I didn’t want to just give up on it because my voice is messed up right now.
The problem is I don’t really have the time to wait this out and do the voicing later it needs to be done within the next two weeks or my whole schedule is down the drain.

So what do you guys think?
Is it possible for me to convey the same emotion in text-dialogue that I could through voice overs?

Personally, I never felt it was possible and I’m pretty worked up about this. I can’t seem to find an example where text-dialogue works… then again maybe I’m just not looking hard enough.

~ Jason

I **personally **think that it is not possible to convey the same amount of emotions in a text dialogue, because the small differences in the volume and tones of the voice cant be transferred through text. But it is possible to add some emotion to it:

-rhetorical devices → Metaphor, the structure of the sentence,… (take a look at some books)
-expression of the characters
-… :slight_smile:

The best would be to take a look at some books + study them :wink: After that you will be abel to add emotions to the text

I agree, also do you know anyone who can voice the character for you? If so, can you ask them to do it for you?

Realign your schedule.

I know some guys that does such stuff for me :wink: → but take a look at the “got skills…” section. There you can always find some sound designers

Hello everyone thanks for getting back so quickly!

Fighter - Yeah books were my original thought for this, but it hit me that the emotional or outstanding parts of books are towards the middle or end once you’ve read over 100 pages to know the protagonist. Being that this is my first “official” game it isn’t that long of a game so basically it wouldn’t fit into the pages of a novel, its too short. That’s really where the dilemma took form. I knew text could convey emotion, but you need 10,000+ words and this game isn’t large enough to fit that. I would extend the game, but that would just dragged it out and who wants that…
I’ll be sure to look at the “Got Skills” section again. It’s just that I rarely see people saying they are voice actors.

You know this will just be a lot easier if you made a video for messing around with sound (hint hint… plus you now have a great title for it…be sure to credit me for that :)).

TheFurryDev - Honestly probably a “No” to both…

Loucsam - You know this is going to sound crazy, but this was really the drive force of the game, the dialogue that is. So that’s really why I can’t just push it back.

Actually now that I think of it, do you think it’s possible to just edit my voice?
Spruce it up and sound less… well destroyed.

Thanks for all the help so far, I appreciate it!

~ Jason

It depends ^^ -> you could modify it, but depending on the microphone quality you will get a good or bad result :slight_smile:

Honestly, I guess it’s worth a try even if it doesn’t come out well.
I’ve been using “Audacity,” so I bet there is something in there to mess with this type of stuff.
Thanks for the information.

~ Jason

Perhaps use the existing ‘poor quality’ voices as placeholders and update them at a later point, thereby keeping your momentum. You could replace one at a time in small windows of opportunity so you don’t hold the project back.

From my personal experience voice-dialogue is much more expressive than text! As you said we cannot express all our emotions through texts, it may not understand the receiver that what we are trying to convey!

You know, this isn’t a bad idea.
The problem is the game is heavily character driven so if I can’t use voice dialogue, much of the game’s plot needs to be changed.
That’s really why I needed a way to fix it quite fast.

I’ll try your suggestion out it’s definitely the best option I have, thanks.

First off: Welcome to the forum!

Yeah that was my major issue with text, it really just ruins the game to be honest…

Thanks for the replies so far!

~ Jason

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Hi guys! I have nothing to add here so just wanted to thank for the awesome ideas. I’ve got a blast of inspiration for my project too!