Text that Triggers into Text box when object is interacted with


Does anybody have a strategy where, let’s say, if the user interacts with an object (in this case clicks on it), could a separate window text box pop up with certain information? And this text box must be cancelled or X’d out of before continuing on in the game?


  • in the widget:

  • in the actor you’re clicking on:

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Thanks so much! How do you create the “On Clicked” and “Event ActorOnClicked” boxes?

Is it through a custom event?

Any actor can override this:

The actor will need something that blocks visibility (default) but according to:

a strategy where, let’s say, if the user interacts with an object

You probably have that covered.

Alternatively, should you wish to click on a specific element inside the actor (perhaps some parts of the actor are interactable while others are not), you may opt for this instead:

Also ensure the Player Controller has the clicking enabled:


It may not be a default setting depending on which template (if any) you’re using.


Thanks so much, you have been a great help. Got it to work and the text box comes up successfully on clicking. The only thing now is I can’t get the text box to disappear, does that have to do with the type of widget I’m using (multi line text box).
Also, I’m having trouble with this command in the widget blueprint editor:
I don’t see it in the overrides. Thanks you again, I’m new at this and really appreciate the assistance.

If you want to close the widget with a button click, add a button and:

If you wanted to dismiss the widget by clicking anywhere on it:

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You’re the best!!!

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