Text rotation

Please forgive, I’m a noob.
I’m trying to make a class blueprint that allows pawn to approach a bush, the bush identifies itself and player picks the berries on the bush. everything works with one exception: The bush name will not rotate to face the player. I instituted Tesla’s tutorial on facing text, but it just won’t rotate.

Try something like this (ignore the warning on the Tick node):

I don’t know how you have your actor set up, so you might need to play around with it a bit to get it right.

Try this.

Replace ‘Health Widget Pos’ with your Label variable. Personally I would use the Get Player Camera Manager instead of the player. That way the label will face the camera.


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I agree this work fine, just one thing like he said, this follow the camera and not the player so the text move on the 2 scale X,Y and not just X