Text Render score not working

Hey guys, abit confused to why my Text renderer is not doing anything at all.

Score Class:

ive made a new function within my character class


in the event graph, ive done this:

and finally in my level Blueprint ive done this:

but the score doesnt change at all:


ive been following this tutorial

Do some probing, check if events are triggered if “Get All Actors…” returns anything and if casting work to norrow possibilities. By doing so you might find solution yourself

okay so i added some breakpoints, and there seems to be a problem with casting in the fish blueprint to my score blueprint.

but i dont know why though, has it got something to do with how the collision works ?

this is the collision set up for the fish and box component

Have no idea why its working now. pretty sure ive done it this way, loads of times.