Text Render not shwoing up

Okay … I have no idea why this is not working. According to everything in tuts and docs it should just work,…but it is not. I have the text placed above a Box trigger so that when you enter the trigger box it should display…its not…now I hooked up a Print Screen afterward to see if it is not tracking through but it is, and the text is not rendering visible…

Let me know what you all think…

as your system works, it can be :

1 : you permanently overlap something else : try to do a cast to your character from the other actor event node before enable input. (get player character like the get player controller and drag “cast to” from it)

2 :the text itself : Check if you did a mistaken click ( hidden in game or alpha set to 0 in render color or scale / size for example)

3 : another event prevents this one to occur. I can’t really help on that without more infos.

4 : argggg. I hope this is solved because i haven’t more ideas ^^


Thanks for the reply…I will give your ideas a try…what is weird is that this BP for the most part is directly from the Unreal Video Tutorial (- YouTube) i used as reference to make sure I remembered on how to do this correctly…

Well None of that worked. Anyone have any ideas why this is just not working?

This is weird. I tried it here (without the “o” timeline event) and it worked fine. If you can see your text render1 by setting visibility true on start to check it, it may be from your overlap.(have you check your collision ? Overlap all ? And check if for some reason it could be ignored.

if all is ok, try to do a new blueprint with box and text ernder in and set it as this one to see if this is your blueprint which is bugged.

Okay…So I went back over the textrender…I set it to bright yellow…and it didnt work, or at least it appeared that it didint…If the text is in the shade of the object it wont appear…but once it is in th elight text shows up…how do I get the text to appear when there is no light on it directly…?

add a spot light with small outer cone angle in your blueprint facing your text and toggle visibility as text render (without shadows) ?