Text on Screen

I made some Rooms to work thru as a first Person. Now I would like to have a Text on the Screen. So I created a Widget Blueprint with a simple Text Block in the Center of the Canvas. I clicked Compile, Save and Play, but no Text is visible. The HUD Tutorials do not help, because there is no Ammo, Health and other functional Stuff in my Level. Is there a way to show a Text in Front of the Screen like in Unity, or have I to build a full Game with Guns and Damage to achieve this?

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Did you attach the Widget to the Viewport?

Yes, you can draw in the HUD without guns or damage.

You need to do steps 10 through 13:

Thanks a lot! This helps. I omitted this changes to the Player, because I did not know that the Viewport is Part of it. In this case I do not understand what I am doing, but it works. In Unity you can print Text on the GUI, not into the Players Face :confused:. Thanks again. :slight_smile: