Text offsets in different resolutions with widgets

Hi, I’m trying to get text to display in a box on a background image that I have.

At 4K, it looks perfect.


Move it down to 1080p, the text seems to move toward the center of it’s box…

At 720p, The text has moved completely to the center of it’s container and is completely offset.

Here is the detail panel, the text block is inside of a canvas which I have anchored to the top left

Sooo what can I do to fix this?

I’ve tried changing the Justification
I’ve tried making the size of the text box just a little larger than the text. That just makes the text move down and disappear on 720p.
I’ve tried checking and unchecking ‘Size to Content’
I’ve tried checking and unchecking ‘Auto Wrap Text’

I’ve just tried this on 4.6.1 (Mac) and I can’t replicate your problem :frowning:

But I have found a text block as a child of a Canvas in a Grid Panel does not scale the font.



Try making the text element an overlay on the image and it might stay aligned?

There must have been some kind of bug inside of this Widget Blueprint that I created. I can’t replicate it myself either in any other widgets… I’ll just create a new one and redo everything I suppose