Text Health to replace Progress Bar

How can I take my current Health Float Variable and draw it to a HUD on screen and keep it updated (A health system revolved around numbers instead of a health bar)

do exactly the same than the health like in the umg quick starter guide. UMG UI Designer Quick Start Guide | Unreal Engine Documentation

Bind your function on content / text and do exactly the same cast link than for the bar (only thing change will be a node from float to text but it is automatic.

Hi there is many ways to do it, here is one :

Get your heath and convert it to string( if it s inside your player pawn bp, Get Player Pawn → Cast to “your player bp”–>get health)

If you are using hud class :use Event Receive Draw HUD for update , and Draw Text function
If you are using UMG : Tick for update, and use a Label and change this label text