Text goes out of bounds

why does this text goes out of bounds where there’s no space? i want it to go to the next line.

There’s also per character wrap in the advanced panel.

ah ye i always forget this checkbox. idk why its disabled by default.

but this doesnt really get the job done, is there a way to make the border resize based on what the text needs?


But this is a feature of the Canvas Panel - so the container that receives Desired Size must sit in the canvas.

i cant use canvas panel in this case, is that really the only way?

Well, it can be nested - but it has to be received by the canvas panel:

Provide an example of the hierarchy that you’re working with and an example of the end goal. There might be a way. UMG does have limitations, though.

Also nothing stops you from nesting a canvas panel inside a canvas panel inside a canvas panel…

when i use canvas panel it messes up the scaling when the widget is used somewhere. i will try to see if i can overcome that