Text file import for content browser

Once a project starts getting complex, it can be hard to deconstruct the various methods used on your game’s systems. It would be great if you could drop a simple text file (a readme.txt) into any folder in the content browser to give your new devs a quick overview of how that system functions. Double clicking the file would open the associated system application (notepad, wordpad etc).

Our team currently creates separate documents on our perforce/google drive folders for guidance, but telling a new dev to just open the editor and look at the readme docs would be very helpful and intuitive - and much easier to use than the tutorial blueprints.

Unless this is already possible and we just haven’t figured it out yet…

Isnt that what the Documentation actor is for?
You can link to any document there…

You are most likely searching for this plugin TextAsset

Thanks very much for those of you at Epics who developed this plugin! So cool, so helpful!
Just compiled it on the engine 4.23 and works like a charm!
This will allow us to track the modification of the folders and assets in a far more efficient way than with an external tool!

It would be really great it that plugin could be provided by default with the engine.
Now the only thing that is missing us to manage the data of our projects would be to have a field “Description” on some assets (materials, blueprints in particular…). Such as the one that is in Substance Designer for example. Leaving notes and guidelines directly onto the assets would provide a very efficient way of having the project users always up-to-date with the state of the data.