Text Feedback In Editor Viewport?

As far I understand, PrintString node does not work in editor screen (during editing, NOT playing).
Is there something that does exist in UE that I can use to return text feedback to current user (developer)?

For example, in the screenshot (attachment), construction script prevents placement of multiple instances of this specific actor in editor. But the PrintString part does not execute. (Or it does execute but it does not show on editor viewport)


If the actor doesn’t exist and you still want to execute whatever is after the Destroy Actor you can use the IsValid node to debug. If is valid print “this” and if not print “that”.

You can use compile, make sure the print has “print to log” enabled and open “Window>Developer Tools > Output Log”

And btw, you should only spawn if the length of the array meets the criteria of “is less than one”, not destroy after, because logic tells me that if you keep spawning and instantly destroying after that you could get stuck in an infinite loop.


I managed to upload the printscreen properly this time, I suppose (?) :slight_smile:

The purpose of this actor is this: whenever I drag its icon from Content Browser and drop on level, construction script fires and if there is an instance of the actor in the level already, it destroys the one I’ve just attempted to “spawn”.
I don’t spawn this anywhere in the code with spawn node and I don’t use it after any BeginPlay event.

It is just something I use to control/change camera spawn points for a multiplayer game.
The spawn code in GameMode class uses this actor’s location, you see.

So, back to question. I guess I don’t have access to something like PrintString but something that will work in editor viewport even wtihout hitting Play? :slight_smile:

Well for one, your print string is not printing to screen. It’s only printing to log.

If you wanted you could make a pretty simple function in C++ to print to screen, I think, then expose that to BP.

First, check what KorkuVeren said. You have Print to Screen unchecked in the PrintString node. Also, you can check into Blutilities for more options of running blueprints that affect things in the editor. It’s been a long time since I’ve used them and I don’t think Epic has done much with them, sadly and despite lots of talk to the contrary. However, way back then I was able to do stuff like select all blueprints of a certain type with a certain variable set a certain way or get the number of a type of asset in the level to help with level design. Cool stuff that never really got much support. And if I remember correct, it did print to the screen in the editor, but you had to have ‘Show Stats’ checked in the editor window. Under the little triangle menu, top left next to ‘Perspective’.

Hope that helps.

I unchecked Print To Screen after I’ve realized it wasn’t working in editor.

But this is the thing that makes it work in editor viewport. Thank you for your help :slight_smile: