Text Face camera in editor


Is there a way to make a text component face the camera in the editor, like a billboard or scene component?


Hi, I’ve found a good solution.
Check my tutorial here:


That is excellent. I had no idea that function existed. Great solution, thanks.

Either it’s not that great solution, or something broke since June: if you rotate the base actor along Z zxis in the level, the text gets rotated upside-down.

Flashback, actually it’s a very nice solution. The issue seems to be far more than just the material. Because there appears to be issues with Text Render Components, where by they will not honor the color for text, and once it’s broken in a level, I have never found a way to get back to where text color can be changed. I’m still looking at this, and this is a real pain.

@Flashback (doubt you’re still in need of a possible solution) but just in case anyone else stumbles upon this problem where the previous solution of anton, previously working fine, stopped working when changing z of parent/base actor. A potential fix for this is make a blueprint, create a textrender with the text-facing-material from above and add a Set Abolute node referencing your text Render and set it to New absolute rotation. This fixed it for me.

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I know this is old but I just stumbled on this after a quick google how to do this.

The original method posted by DanielOrchard of just modifying the material works fine without the need for set absolute fix in UE4 version 4.25.1

Thanks for this it is VERY useful.

Just checked and yep is fine without setting New Absolute Rotation. Nice one ChufferChump. :slight_smile:

Antondoe’s solution in work as of today in 4.25.3