Text controlled by variable displayed on mouse position

hi guys,
i am searching for a way to have a display a string variable on the mouse cursor position from my myhud blueprint.
the variable would have many different names and they should be controlled by my levelblueprint.
please keep in mind i am an absolute newby to unreal engine when trying to help me :wink:
thx in advance

anybody ?

Here is how you would do it. Set this up in your HUD class, and then set Displayed Var to be whatever you would like to display.

A bigger version of the image is available here: Dropbox - MousePrintExample.JPG - Simplify your life

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hey thx very much again :wink:
this worked very well !!
so now i have this variable in my hud blueprint.
how can i change the content of this variable from within my level blueprint so it changes on screen.
how can i get access to a variable created in my hud blueprint from inside my level blueprint ?


by the way the position of the text is not exactly at the mouse position.
it depends on where my mouse is on the screen.
is there a way to have it exactly at the mouse position at any moment ?

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