text books for ut4

Turorial videos are ok but I am old and I like books.
I know they made a book for ut3 and I have that one and I am hoping someone would make a book like ut3 has.

just my opinion :slight_smile:

It’s kind of a losing battle to print books for this type of thing, there’s so many updates throughout the year that by the time a book gets released a lot has changed and it won’t necessarily be accurate anymore.

I think once every thing get humming and UT4 is boxed after that there will be one LOL and thanks for your input

UT4 is not getting a boxed release, it’s going to always be updated, just like UE4, we’re in the age where everything will continually be updated and what you buy physically won’t matter that much, for example even game discs these days aren’t as useful due to day one patches, a lot of PC games don’t even get a disc release.

Thank you for the info

A lot of games are literally just a download code on a disk now, which quite frankly is BS.

They do this to get around certain legal requirements (e.g. regarding reselling).

yes! But even if they wrote like one thing at a time like one for decals one for bps etc. etc. and they could sell those.
I guess I like books for things like this. :confused: