Text based rpg with stats

how would a text based rpg handle an inventory system and stats I.e how would it work? Since there is no actor should I create one and would it be possible to just have it store the players data since it’ll be a heavily text based game? Really not sure at this point so any help be appreciated, thanks in advance. The more detailed the better.

You can still have Actors, even if they don’t have any 3D representation.
You can arrange all your game objects as “Actors” that all have no meshes or collisins, and all live at position (0,0,0), simply for purposes of using the World and SaveGame and editor features you get when doing this.

If you’re using C++, then you can also go to the raw UObject base class; create a subclass that has the properties you need for storing inventory, stats, and other such data – but it sounds like you’re using Blueprint, in which case, “invisible actors in an invisible world” is the way to go.

Thanks a ton, been struggling with this for a few days trying to figure it out. Had no clue about the actors though :slight_smile: