Text Based Input As Control Scheme

Hi There,

Noob here,

I have been trying to think of the best way to implement this idea:

Basically, having a GUI with set phrases in text boxes that allow user input

Surrounding a game view in the centre of screen which reacts in real time to user commands

i.e [Move Player] [x] [positions to the left]
[Move Player] [x] [positions to the right]

Where [x] is the users input and gets accepted in to a variable and used as a command to move player

Any ideas / reccomendations?

Thanks in advance 

Have placed in Student Forum also, but thought I'd be better posting here aswell as Student Zone doesn't seem to get as many views?

Those remind me of dev commands. Pretty sure UE4 has many commands like that by default, though I don’t lnow how to restrict some or enable some ingame.

You mean like a text-adventure?

You type in what you want the player to do…?

I’ll look into it.

~ Jason

Yeah. But you type in what you want to do and instead of text story it’s an actual graphical representation (just tiles from top down view)

Thanks for the help


I’ll let you know if I get anywhere.

~ Jason

Thanks again Jason. Much appreciated

No problem.

~ Jason