Text and borders are blurry after packaging but not in editor


So I am working on a 2D game and I am designing a simple UI for it and the issue that I am having is that in the Editor, It looks perfect. But when I package the game for shipping it looks blurry. Somehow in the editor the text is sharper and the borders are 1 pixel sharp. But outside the editor text is blurry and borders are 3 pixels sharp instead of 1px.

Quality in the project settings is set to Maximum Quality, Target RHIs: Directx11 and I am not compressing the content or anything.
I am on windows 10 x64 and a 1080 ti if it matters at all.

I just tested this on an empty project with default settings and got the same results. Just a fresh 2D project → create widget blueprint → Add a border and a text and run it in editor vs in shipping build/package and see the difference it even does it when I hit the launch button.

Any idea why or how to fix this?

Zoomed in samples


Thanks in advance.

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During package all assets are processed to settings they are set (for example textures and sounds being commpressed to desire format), so i would check how you set up the font. As it seems to be for asset build resolution issue

OK, It took me about 6 hours but I found the answer :slight_smile:

The problem is related to the DPI Scaling. I have a 4k monitor and the DPI Scaling is set to 175% (1.75) and UE was using that to scale the text and borders (anything slate related really) so everything was being scaled by 75% more.

Solution? Go to Project Settings → User Interface → and check “Allow Hight DPI in Game Mode”.

That’s it. Now when I package I get the exact same quality I get in the editor :slight_smile:


I have the same problem, but unfortunately I cannot solve it as you described. The problem is that I would like to start it in “windowed mode” 1280x720. Everything looks wonderful in the editor, unfortunately very ugly after the package^^ … Do you have any idea why that might be the case?
edit: it affects mac and not windows for me (windows all looks fine)


Found from search… Im in Windows 10, and still get blurry widget text in the game, after @Squeaky-Bed 's fix. (Canvas and text blocks are also set to 100% scale…)
But it Editor mode > design tab > the text looks crisp even when zooming out far.

I google searched UMG blurry text, and there’s no solutions??? One result was for Unity, which has:

In the canvas (Canvas Scaler component), set the “Dynamic Pixels Per Unit” value to something higher.

Does UE4.27 not have a DPI setting for Widget/Canvas/HUDs?

i know this is two years late out of nowhere but thank god for your post I hope everyone else struggling with this finds your fix