Text and borders are blurry after packaging but not in editor


So I am working on a 2D game and I am designing a simple UI for it and the issue that I am having is that in the Editor, It looks perfect. But when I package the game for shipping it looks blurry. Somehow in the editor the text is sharper and the borders are 1 pixel sharp. But outside the editor text is blurry and borders are 3 pixels sharp instead of 1px.

Quality in the project settings is set to Maximum Quality, Target RHIs: Directx11 and I am not compressing the content or anything.
I am on windows 10 x64 and a 1080 ti if it matters at all.

I just tested this on an empty project with default settings and got the same results. Just a fresh 2D project → create widget blueprint → Add a border and a text and run it in editor vs in shipping build/package and see the difference it even does it when I hit the launch button.

Any idea why or how to fix this?

Zoomed in samples


Thanks in advance.


During package all assets are processed to settings they are set (for example textures and sounds being commpressed to desire format), so i would check how you set up the font. As it seems to be for asset build resolution issue

OK, It took me about 6 hours but I found the answer :slight_smile:

The problem is related to the DPI Scaling. I have a 4k monitor and the DPI Scaling is set to 175% (1.75) and UE was using that to scale the text and borders (anything slate related really) so everything was being scaled by 75% more.

Solution? Go to Project Settings → User Interface → and check “Allow Hight DPI in Game Mode”.

That’s it. Now when I package I get the exact same quality I get in the editor :slight_smile:


I have the same problem, but unfortunately I cannot solve it as you described. The problem is that I would like to start it in “windowed mode” 1280x720. Everything looks wonderful in the editor, unfortunately very ugly after the package^^ … Do you have any idea why that might be the case?
edit: it affects mac and not windows for me (windows all looks fine)


Found from search… Im in Windows 10, and still get blurry widget text in the game, after @Squeaky-Bed 's fix. (Canvas and text blocks are also set to 100% scale…)
But it Editor mode > design tab > the text looks crisp even when zooming out far.

I google searched UMG blurry text, and there’s no solutions One result was for Unity, which has:

In the canvas (Canvas Scaler component), set the “Dynamic Pixels Per Unit” value to something higher.

Does UE4.27 not have a DPI setting for Widget/Canvas/HUDs?

i know this is two years late out of nowhere but thank god for your post I hope everyone else struggling with this finds your fix

The same fuzzy font problem occurs for me, but only after cloning my project to make a demo version. In the original project the font looks sharp but in the cloned project the same font looks unsharp and “wobbly”.

In the screenshots not much difference can be seen, but the font kind of “flickers” in the cloned version.

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The smaller I set the screen resolution the more blurry it gets. This is a Text Render with a Distant Field Font and an emissive material.