Tetris 3d

Hi all,

I’m developping this project with both c++ and blueprints.

The things to be done now are :

  • UI
  • Graphics
  • improve random shape spawning algorithm
  • Show the next Shape
  • why not a particle effect whenever a shape lands

To be updated rather soon…

Hi all,

I have almost finished modelizing the whole scene in 3DS Max.


So far i have 46600 tris including the 200 cubes, but i’d like to add trees or something in my scene. What is the maximum amount of tris i can put if i want the game to run smootly for an average hardware configuration please ?

Hi all,

Another update of my project :

The next video will be the last.

See you around

This is pretty cool!

Thanks mate :wink:

This is awesome! Brings me back 20 years ago, but today! What are the next steps?

Thanks, next steps are :

  • texturing the 3D objects
  • add a couple of things to the scene like trees or something
  • improve cubes dynamic material
  • rotate the camera at the beginning of the game with a transition from the main menu view, to the game view
  • single player game so i have to update a text file or something with best scores
  • maybe particle effect whenever cubes land

Hi all,

Here is the final version of my Tetris

Now that i know the basics of unreal engine, i can dive in a more personal project :slight_smile: