Testscene of a modern House

movie scene; Let me know what u think … :wink:

Sorry to say but its too bad…

Its a bit different style than what people usually show off - often people want to see more photorealistic materials and more care with lighting, among other things. This is partly, IMHO, because the market traditionally has catered only to very high-end clients - personally I predict this will change somewhat in the next couple years.

Do you want open-ended critique or would you like to say some about what you are going for with it? Like who is your target audience/market?

Here are a few points you could look into to make the scene better:

  • the intro is too long
  • there is a lot of flickering of textures going on. The most common reason is that the textures are not powers of 2 (256x256, 2048x2048 etc) and of cause more than one polygon in the same spot.
  • the lighting seems not to be built or it is dynamic lighting, use static lighting for better quality. The lighting is very bad in this scene.
  • add reflection actors inside and outside
  • the scene runs very slow or you got the wrong cinematic settings
  • the scaling of some elements seems to be off

Thank you,
that’s what i need. A professional view of my work, I work on it !

I’am not sure, it’s a first try to become better with my work.
My target was it, to bcome a feeling of the Room and also it’s ready for VR.
Thank you for your Time!

Very helpfull !