testing testing till i can make something good :-)


I am trying to learn unreal just to make small shots that I always wanted to do …
I thought I would try it out and modify a scene(realistic render scene) and keep working on it and run into problems and once there is something I can show .
I would come here to ask in the forums … Since I didn’t want to waste your time. I do visit the forums often for inspiration
and you guys do great work so don’t expect a lot from me as I just started off and would love to get advices from you guys

The first thing I want to do is show you what I got … this I shall call experiment 2

[video]- YouTube

Problems I ran into

  1. whenever I run matinee and I start recording for the first few frames the cloth sim goes a bit nuts and the lights that are baked in dosent show up … ( is there any way to offset that) I just don’t add that phase in the videos but would like to know your thoughts

2)lightmass resolution … I have been experimenting with lightmass resolutions and kind of understand how it works … but I had a question… the light passing through the translucent curtains (translucent shadow enabled in properties) … when they hit the floor . it bakes the light in the floor based on the lightmass of the curtains or not ?.. as in if I increase the lightmass resolution on the curtains will it give a better lighting on the floor.

3)Another thing I noticed is when I do multiple changes with materials and things and save it and go to matinee to make a video I keep getting the old texture . unless I save the level exit and re-open . am I missing a step.

  1. i am using a realy old laptop that dosent have dx 11 gtx 260m so i guess i cant use tesselation ? (till i get my newer laptop back which has been under repair for months…)

  2. I can seem to import jpeg saved from windows paint but strangely cant import a jpeg or psd or any other format that I made in photoshop cc 2014 any help would be nice… thanks all !
    experiment 3 coming soon…

alright figured out most of the questions i asked after going through the forums lots of info in here…
this is experiment 2 i don’t like how things look on reflective floors but will experiment with it for now … its still got a lot of errors :-p wil lfix it soon…

Am still learning pbr materials… its interesting but some of the material blueprints are so huge that i don’t know why there are so many nodes… going through a few of those now.

Looking good! Make sure all your furniture and doors etc. are to scale. Seat height is usually 18" a typical door height might be 7’ and 30" to 3’ wide. I always make a cube 18" high and one 30" high (standard table height) to double check my scale.

thanks ri3d ! will do that from next shot… this one I made from the already made unreal scene (realistic apartment) and wound up modifying a lot. was a learning experiment…I will do what you said from now on. I plan to make a scene from scratch soon. hopefully through next week! will try to keep everything in scale then! hopefully I can use the quixel suite in that scene. I had bought it a few months ago but haven’t used it much except for normal maps…!

its far from good. but I think I am going to start a fresh new project with a reference to learn to make things photorealistic but here is the final clip for this one :-). I learned a lot and cant wait to get my dx11 pc back from the repair shop (which is taking forever… like 3-4 months now ) as I cant use the bukeh blur or tessellation yet .
Anyway here goes nothing

How you make material curtains?


hi the material curtains is a animated material and the curtain is riged with nvidea cloth tools its basically a translucent material with an opacity map . and a normal the normal and the occlusion map and the world position is animated with a node so that it moves the material slightly in waves the larger motion is done with phsyx and the floors lightmass resolution is set to a bit high with the translucency shadow on to recive the shadow from the curtains (hence the furniture don’t have that detailed shadows on them as it takes too much time on my low end laptop to process) … let me copy the level back in and I can screencap the material for you!

panner for moving the normal that will bring waves and there are 2 materials because some of the material options don’t work with the rigged curtain so I had to correct its color and look to match the other once that drop the translucent shadow :slight_smile: hope that helps

Looks really good, I really liked your camera movement!

thanks leonnn1 . i wanted to test out a media texture… it seems to make it work i have to use blue print. I did see some examples of how to in the help file. But the example was for it to start when the actor enters the level. i want it to start when i start a matnee video were i dont have any actors. is there a node or something i can use to start it without that ? I cant even find the media node mentioned in the help file… were do I find it ? anyone ? How do iget the variables target media player asset node ?
edit :- ok I just cant figure it out… somehow this makes me fell I got to read up all about blueprints now… guess its going to be a busy week after work…

this is what I did based on a mix of tutorials of matnee and playing video textures but now my matnee isn’t playing as well :-p
no idea what is going on…

edit :- finaly fixed it .
the solution was to read about blue prints and also to save everything now and then. sometimes i forget to save all and things dont work.
the 2 things i did besides save all are
step 1

and this is the final with the video texture and a lot more work done on materials just for testing and understanding pbr…

i am trying another scene just started building it have a lot to fix. but here is the starting room layout . i am still working with a old laptop. so until i get my newer one i cant use a lot of features like deapth of filed on camera and stuff . beed to fix these lens flares and over bright lights and some of the textures . going to try to texture more with quixel suite .

  • stuff left to do model the fore ground buiildings . and add some street lights and most of all the texturing needs to be revisited./might even change a lot of the camera movements

i used an animated normal map on the window that kind of does some little dorplets effect. but somehow once light is baked you can barely see it. any sugestions to fix that !