Testing Steam integration

I’m currently working on testing my steam integration. I’m using advanced sessions. As far as I can tell, I am able to create a server to host. The create advanced session succeeds. What i need to do now is to test that someone else can see it. This is where I’m running into issues.

  1. I’ve created a development build of the program. I packaged up a copy and sent it to another developer’s machine. They’re logged into steam with a steam account, but when they start the program, they do not get the steam pop-up and the menu reports no connection to steam (and doesn’t show their steam ID/avatar). I know development packages allow steam to work without setting up all the stuff, can those builds work on other machines beyond the one it was built for?

  2. As a test, I put a copy of my “find server” menu inside my lobby menu where I move after creating a server. From this menu when I try to find a session, it doesn’t return anything. Should I be able to see my own sessions this way?

You should be able to see the session from Steam View->Servers in either the Internet or LAN tab.

Huh? Where is any of that stuff?

In the Steam App.