testing SLICE and CUT meshes and skeletal meshes

The radial force looks more than 0 because the cut is done during an animation and head is moving up and down…slices hit one with the other and this creates a sort of slow movement…if I cut on a still mannequin, slices don’t move.
I tried a force strenth from 1 to 5 and nothing is different.
Time dilation used in all videos is 0.01.
WIll do some tests on the radial force after working on the katana blade, but more than 5 will make slices go faster and faster which is dangerous during quick animations (like an arm or leg moving fast…especially if we have a ragdoll).
I want to add a ragdoll effect (like this I already have) in the next days and this will for sure add imprevedible movements to each slide and hope my workaround will still be valid.

Ah, I see that makes sense then.

Just saw this, good job mate!

I was wondering to what extent would this be networkable… if the “slide” trigger is multicasted, then it would work pretty well. Have you tried this? (Make sure to ensure all clientes receive the same FVector, position, etc for the slice)

Wow…networkable? :slight_smile: Not yet but could be a nice to have in the future.
I’m focusing on the katana action now. I’ve done some tests and really wanted to mantain the ragdoll+cut on enemy hits.

I’m uploading a new video on youtube in a few mins…let’s say that static meshes are now good…I’m happy with the result…the new test katana works fine.
About the skeletons, I’ve tested 2 enemy soldiers in the video: the gladiator has no cut property, just simple ragdoll and blood effect. The red enemy has head cut enabled + ragdoll and blood effect too. I’ve more work to do on the red guy.
I’ve also improved the enemy AI and bood effects.
Video in a few mins…

Here when player slices red enemy head twice:

WOW I never thought that getting it to work with user made attack animations was a target for the project. That is awesome!



Good job dude! Glad to see this much progress :slight_smile:

Could not miss the Wolverine 3 slices at once!
After the 1st cut, it’s mandatory to slow time in order to let the 2nd and 3rd blade slices overlap the new sliced procedural meshes.
Impulse strength changes if cutting a skeleton (very low).

Headless Studios! :slight_smile:
The red guy surprised also me behind that piece of rock! I set for him 10 meters distance before he attacks the player!


I started studying the most efficient workflow in order to generate new realistic characters…I finally decided to go for these 6 macro steps:

  1. select a body from DAZ Genesis 3 male/female with weapons, clothes and morphings (muscles increase, fat, face movements, etc)
  2. export to iclone 6
  3. Nice to have that really makes the difference-> apply a jpeg real face pic with crazytalk 8 (compatible with iclone 6)
  4. use iclone to apply some Apex clothing +basic movement animations (idle, walk, run, jump, 1 attack). Save all and export as fbx to 3dXchange, fix skeleton rig and finally export to UE4.
  5. Import in UE4 with animation and morphing sliding bars ready to use via bprint
  6. use blender to isolate the character mesh bones (head, legs, arms) and save them as static mesh in order to be able to trasform in procedural meshes and CUT them.

**A realistic Wolverine character with his face on it and the 3 blades CUT animation could be the best result for this 6 steps! **
It’s a lot of work and setup…hope to find the most efficient workflow for all the 6 steps…and hope to quickly come back with a real WOLVERINE player! :slight_smile:

Hi all,
before starting with the wolverine project, I decided to do a tutorial on this slicing stuff.
Consider is my first tutorial on UE4, so I hope is a good start and it is useful for you! :slight_smile:
Subscribe to my Verumbit youtube channel for future tutorials and demos!

Thanks for posting the tutorial!!! :smiley: You’re awesome.

I’ll continue following this thread because I’m curious how your wolverine project is going to turn out.

That’s really cool. :slight_smile:
At first I had the problem that the placed meshs bouncing weird with checked simulate physics, but after a crash and restart it works fine. o.O

And now I also have a question about the possibilities about the slicing. I use a dynamic battle system with bone transform, also when you hold the left mouse button, you can swing your weapon around.
The question is: Is it possible to make a slice from the begin of the overlap to the end of the overlap, while you hold down the left mouse button instead of acting with single click, but without crash?
Maybe like: get world location from beginOverlap + get world location from endOverlap -> calculate the area and slice it ?!
At the moment I’m trying to find a solution by myself, but when you have a solution it would be nice to know it. ^^

I found a solution. :smiley:
The code from screenshot is all what is needed and is placed into the slicemesh. (the boolean “move left hand?” is like “cancut” in char_blueprint)

Edit: “get up vector” at “plane normal” works better. ^^

The above solution is good but the created meshs can’t be sliced, so I looked for another solution and found #2.
It is like in the tutorial video, but with a few differences:

  1. the input comes from the mouse movements (because the bone transform)
  2. before the “bind event” is a delay with 0.5 sec.
  3. the “doOnce” is removed
  4. between “bind event” and “cast to” is a branch for more safety, it checks again that the mouse is moveing

But there is actually one problem: Is there a way to reduce the length of the cut, or can the mesh only be complet sliced and not half sliced?
My katana has a complete length of only 2.6m, but it still slices over 15m. :frowning:

Edit: added screenshot

Can you post a screenshot of your changes, and a video of the issue?

Hi Shisou,
thanks, I appreciate any possible personalization on the slice effects you want to obtain.
Here my answers:

  • ’ the created meshs can’t be sliced’: because you set the code not in the player BP but on the slicemesh BPrint and the new half mesh will be a NEW proc mesh that you can not cut untill you add extra code to manage it, but then a new sliced mesh will come out and you will have to add code to manage also that…and so on…which is not the best way. In order to cut ANY mesh or slicedmesh you have to keep the code in the player Bprint.
  • About the length of the katana cut…15mt or 2mt, it depends on the scale of the procedural mesh parameter and also on the collision of the static mesh you choose:
    the procedural mesh scale should stay 1,1,1. If you set more than 1, the cut performance will be distorted and zoomed. When you choose a static mesh, it’s collision creates also the procedural mesh collision that will drive the blade overlap…so the more precise the collision is set on the static mesh the better are the slices. You can substitute the OVERLAP with the HIT , trace it and see if gives you better results.
  • If you already have an animation attack with your katana and you want to decide when to start the cut and when to stop go in the animation montage section and add 2 New Notifies: startcut and stopcut exactly where you want…use these notifies in the bprint to manage the cut timing. I did so, works fine and I can change easily the cut activation moment or even place 2 cut moments in the same animation.

Here another way of setting collisions on procedural meshes inside construction script (starting from static meshes): remove collision on static meshes and use the script in the pic below.