Testing of iClone Unreal Live Link, Character Creator and Faceware

Hi guys, today I want to share a video I made recently covering the new motion capture pipeline using Reallusion’s iClone/Character Creator with Faceware Realtime, and broadcasting it live into my Unreal Engine scene. Let me know what you think, and if you find it interesting subscribe to my new channel where I test software, or post project snippets, thanks.


  • Overall this offers some new ways to facilitate relatively quick and easy face morphs which are part of Character Creator 3 characters - for facial motion capturing, though in case you do not have face morphs setup on your character you can do this with 3DExchange, also from Reallusion, explained here based on a Paragon model.
  • New way to create content

Video in a nutshell

  • Creating a character in Character Creator 3
  • Importing the character into iClone
  • Setting up Faceware, Unreal Engine, iClone
  • Recording my voice, face motions and transfer into Unreal Engine scene