testing multiplayer shootout with steamworks

i tried to text how multiplayer works with steam Online Subsystem Steam
so i wanted to test it in multiplayer shootout content in (epics launcher under learn tab)
i did every thing in this thread

i packaged the project as shipping and gave it to friend to test but we cant see each other (without using programs like hamachi) witch means its only work with LAN

@Foffytoh thanks for reply but if u see how steam subsystem works itll answer alot of ur questions
and as i said its work with lan so i dont think theres a problem in the ports and firewalls
and in the thread of online subsystems they didnt mention any thing

@Foffytoh thank you so much for the explanation
ill try disable the firewall from pc and from routers

i disabled the firewalls in the pc and the router and it deusnt work