Testing multiplayer audio

Does anyone have a workflow when you don’t have multiple computers to reliably confirm if audio events are being rellicated correctly, is it safe to say if a spawn emitter at location is seen the audio in the same line of events would be heard?

Mute one client, and see if the other client hears it. But if the emitter is replicating correctly I don’t see why the audio wouldn’t be.

Thanks for the response!

Things such as these can be a bit of a headache to test with UE4, especially due to how drastically it changes depending on how you test it(whether single process or not and etc).

However I’ve had best results using a virtual machine, I personally use VMWare(not free) since it’s far better than VirtualBox(free) at rendering stuff. VirtualBox only supports up to 256MB of virtual VRAM as opposed to VMWare’s 2GB.

Either way, you’ll likely how to turn graphics down a fair bit. Luckily you can easily change resolution scale for example :slight_smile: