Testing multilpayer in editor without connecting everything on launch?

If I change “Number of players” to be 2, it will load player 1 in as the listen server (authority) and player 2 as a client (remote), automatically connected to the server.

If I then enable “Dedicated server”, it will load a server (authority) and player 1/2 as clients (remote), automatically connected to the server.

But I am currently working on the systems BEHIND connecting to a dedicated server… I don’t want everything to be automatically connected when I press “Play” because I need to actually create this stuff so it works OUTSIDE of the editor. Does this make any sense?


Play-In-Editor can be used to test only replication. Period.

What you want is Play-In-Standalone, either via the button available in the editor or through shortcuts. There is no cutting corners with networking so the processes need to be run independently of the editor for “real life” conditions. And even then, that will be a simplified testing environment since networking through internet will involve NAT traversal.

In the “Getting Started - About Unreal” video that I made to advertise my product, I explain how to use the workflow that you need, with shortcuts. You can find the video in this playlist: UWorks (Getting Started) - YouTube

Chumble, on the Play dropdown menu go to Advanced. Under the multiplayer section there is an option called “Auto Connect”. Just turn that off and it won’t connect your clients to the server automatically.