Testing lumen with RTX 3090 in interior scene

I’ve used hardware raytracing in lumen and maxed out all the settings
trying to achieve maximum realism and export cinematic at the highest setting possible
this is the cinematic: UNREAL ENGINE 5 LUMEN INTERIOR hardware raytracing RTX 3090 - YouTube
in the video, I have used just a LUT

as you can see there are some artifacts in the video (indirect shadow)
but overall is good


Movie render Qeue?

Other question: running the sequences at cinematic viewport produces these flickering artifacts too?

If you are using Ray traced shadows and rendering with antialiasing passes on the TAA in render movie queue, that is probably the cause of the artifacts in the shadows. You can try rendering in 4K with no AA passes to avoid the shadow artifacts and still get a good quality, or switch your raytraced shadows to the new shadow beta on project settings.
Sorry for my bad english :slight_smile: