Testing and Using iAd

I’m using the “Show Ad Banner” node to display iAds on the bottom of iPhones, and when testing on phones, I see the banner and “You’re Connected To iAd… Learn More >” message in the banner.

After setting up with iAd Workbench, how do I test my app to make sure ads are being properly sent to the iPhone? Or is it ensured to work with UE4 and I don’t need to worry about this? Thanks for any information.

Hey NamCap,

I’d suggest looking over the information provided in this AnswerHub post referring to Tappy Chicken for further assistance. If you run into any complications, simply post a question on AnswerHub and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Hi Samantha, thanks for the response. I’ve just copied and pasted this question into an AnswerHub question, here: Testing and Using iAd - Blueprint - Unreal Engine Forums

I looked over the link you sent me, and it didn’t seem to answer my question. I’m interested in finding out how to check if my iAds are working once I set them up using iAd Workbench and iTunes Connect. How do I receive test ads that are supposed to be sent? Thanks for any help.

I’ll make sure your question is looked over, I have it assigned to myself - - but if need be, I’ll speak with a developer.

Thanks! :slight_smile: