Testing and Using iAd

I’m using the “Show Ad Banner” node to display iAds on the bottom of iPhones, and when testing on phones, I see the banner and “You’re Connected To iAd… Learn More >” message in the banner.

After setting up with iAd Workbench, how do I test my app to make sure ads are being properly sent to the iPhone? Or is it ensured to work with UE4 and I don’t need to worry about this? Thanks for any information.

Hey ,

I’d suggest looking over the information provided in this AnswerHub post referring to Tappy Chicken for further assistance. If you run into any complications, simply post a question on AnswerHub and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Hi , thanks for the response. I’ve just copied and pasted this question into an AnswerHub question, here: Testing and Using iAd - Blueprint - Epic Developer Community Forums

I looked over the link you sent me, and it didn’t seem to answer my question. I’m interested in finding out how to check if my iAds are working once I set them up using iAd Workbench and iTunes Connect. How do I receive test ads that are supposed to be sent? Thanks for any help.

I’ll make sure your question is looked over, I have it assigned to myself - - but if need be, I’ll speak with a developer.

Thanks! :slight_smile: