Testing a Project Built on Windows, on iOS, Without Paid Developer Account (I have a MBP!)


Trying to figure out how to do this, first time packaging anything out at all.

  • I have built my project on my Windows PC
  • I want to test it on iOS, I’m not 100% sure it’ll actually work okay so I could really do with not potentially spending 70 quid for a membership
  • I do have a Macbook Pro (I’ve read it can be done via XCode, but of course my project is on my Windows PC, not sure how the MBP would cope)
  • Is there any way round this at all?

Have read lots of different things, but haven’t found anything that says whether I can say, generate the prerequisites in Xcode on the MBP and then use them on my PC in the project (again, not done this before so I’m sort of reaching out in the dark here at the moment)

Any help at all, massively appreciated.