TestGameMode Blueprint Question

I’m trying to figure out ways to build systems for mods in a stackable manner and need to know if I can depend on graphs in the TestGameMode_<YourMod> blueprint to be present and run in game. What I’m working on right now works in the editor, but I’m having trouble getting it to work on a server.

If it turns out I cannot depend on that, I’m also curious if there’s any other well-established methods for getting a system (ex. keeping track of players as they spawn and die, without modifying the player pawns) into the game. I’m thinking the Map Extensions feature may help with this, but have not yet tested it out.

Thanks for your time!


It’s believed that only the first GameMode in a mod chain runs, and the rest is discarded, so stackability is essentially thrown out the window there.

You could potentially use an in-game item or some such measure and using a reference to the game mode bind events to OnShooterCharacterSpawn/Died, but this does not give you a reference to the player that actually died or spawned. I’ve not really looked at GameModes that much, I will be in the coming weeks/months, so I can’t really offer much more advice than that.