Test UE4 for iPad on a PC?

Hello, I want to be able to test touch inputs for iPad, iPhone but my Mac does not meet the system requirements to properly run UE4 and I don’t want to package a build every time I want to test things. My PC meets system requirements and I plan to also build for Android touch devices.

Is it reasonable to expect that if I build and test for Android touch devices and later package for iOS, I will get predictable touch behavior on iOS?

If not, is there a way to test iOS touch inputs accurately on a PC so that when I do package for iOS, I will have accurately predicted the touch behavior?

Just found this thread, this should work for my needs:

For anyone else encountering this thread, basically they are saying you should expect identical behavior between touch devices (aside from system performance) and that there is a way to build for iOS on PC as long as it routes through a Mac first. Cool!