Test scene with Unreal 4.15 VXGI

Hey everyone,

Wanted to do a test at work to see if we could start using the VXGI version of Unreal to quickly and easily make stills and movies that would be high enough quality for our clients.

Ive attached the below screenshots from our movies. I’m quite happy with the results.
The settings for VXGI do need to be cranked up a lot, and even with my two 1080’s in SLI, I am only getting about 25-30 FPS. But when taking screenshots and movies that is perfectly fine. Setup wise it was much quicker exporting the scene from Sketchup, into 3dsMax and then Unreal. Having not to worry about lightmaps was a pleasure and no need for lightmap calculations. Most of the assets in scene came straight out of Sketchup, so it could all look a lot better with high quality assets.

I did three stories of an office building, I found that with all three levels in the same map Unreal became very slow. I then split up each level into its own map and fps was back to 25-30. This is probably also got to do with the massive amounts of movable lights all casting dynamic shadows.

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Pics are here:

Pics Uploaded

Am also happy with the result u have as its nice and clean specially for the clients to see their space in such a clean and more faster way , i do however need to ask you about that quality is it a price of ur hardware , can my GTX 980 give me the same quality with the high settings u have put or i need to upgrade my hardware

Yeah of course it can, you might just get a slower frame rate, but if you are just exporting stills and movies that’s not really an issue. The movie export might just take a little longer.
I also setup the whole scene and import models etc with VXGI off, that way to work in the scene its quick and its literally the press of a button to turn on and export.

The lighting looks amazing. I’m not familiar with vxgi but it looks promising. Is there any way you can share a comparison between vxgi and regular ue4 version, using same scene.