Test Cook Output

I’ve been seeing some of these other map makers using multiple Steam Workshop links for their cooks. (One as a Test, One as the Official) I’m having trouble getting this to work for myself.

What I’d like to do:

Have a Test Cook Directory for my map so that I don’t have to guess and check on the official Map Directory in the Steam Workshop.

I’ve tried changing the Publisher ID in the VDF file and cooking it to a new directory but it seems to fail to find the files when I simply change the Publisher ID.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time.

To switch between uploading to multiple workshop items, just hit Reset Publisher before uploading and it’ll create a new one, then when the DevKit is closed(only when the DevKit is closed), change the workshop ID in the Mods.db file in** …/ShooterGame/Saved/**.

Otherwise, here.


Ooooh, it used to be that you changed the Workshop ID within the “Modname.vdf” File that was uploaded. Looks like that might have changed! I will give that a try thank you so much! <3

Hehe I was actually at that page with the 123456789 folder and tried following those steps and it didn’t work for me for some reason. I must have done something wrong.