Tessellation vs high-poly on meshes

I’ve been playing around with Megascans objects, and so far I’ve taken a 2000 tris mesh and used the displacement map for PN Tesselation with a multiplier of 3 with great results.

But I’m wondering what gives the best quality/performance ratio?

Its a fine balance, PN tessellation is very heavy, sometimes heavier than just using straight out high res polys. We avoid it as much a possible unless it is necessary like on large barks etc… And if we use Tessellations we use the flat mode instead.

You can never get a straight answer to such questions as it’s always going to be “it depends” on what and how much you have of things going on in the scene.

Thanks. It sounds like high res polys are better to start with. And use flat tessellation or even bump offset instead of PN tesselation.
Will have to play around with the material and see what gives the best result.

You also can use POM as alternative, but usually it boils down to using particular method in specific case with proper optimization like showing this effect only on the highest LOD on certain distance and etc.

you can use distance base tessellation for performance cost saving