Tessellation to Procedural Mesh Component

Does anyone know how to apply PN Triangles tessellation material to Procedural Mesh Component?

I found the same question on UE forum and it says we need to “generate the adjacency index buffer from positional data: BuildStaticAdjacencyIndexBuffer.”

However, there is no sample code and I have no idea how to do it.

Procedural meshes generated by Procedural Mesh Component seems broken whenever I apply any material with PN Triangles selected.

Could anyone please tell me how to do it?

It is much appreciated if someone would answer the question.
I have not solved the problem yet…

I have been recently looking into the same issue.
I am afraid that there is no reasonable way of achieving that: even if you generate the data using the BuildStaticAdjacencyIndexBuffer function, you would not know where to put it, because the ProceduralMeshComponent does not hold that kind of information.
In fact, AFAIK Static meshes and Procedural meshes procedures for rendering are quite different, and it appears that there is no easy way of providing the needed adjacency information to the shader running the tessellation.

Thank you so much for your comment and writing the future request.

PN triangles tessellation for procedural mesh would be great feature not only for game but also for industrial use like architecture, car, or medicine.