Tessellation on One Material Layer

I have been trying for about two days to come up with a landscape material that automatically generates material layer placement depending on slope, and I really want to give the rock material layer some tessellation so that it protrudes as real rocks do, using its height map to determine its over all tessellation. However, I can’t seem to get the tessellation limited to the rock texture. The closest I have gotten to it has been to use the same world position node set up to try and align it with the material, multiplying it with the slope that determines where the rock material begins to show, then with a value for the rate of tessellation and finally multiplying it by the vertex normal and connect it to the world displacement. The value is at 30 to drastically increase the visibility to show part of the issue which is that it is tessellating everything except what I want to be tessellated, and also how poorly the structure is rather than organic.