Tessellation Map

Hello everyone,

Few days ago i had a nice idea. What about a 3D Minimap realized with tessellation.

The concept of this project is the creation of a top down camera that moves with the player and 3 SceneCaptures2D attached to that camera:

  1. One for the Color
  2. One for the Depth
  3. One for Custom Depth

All these SceneCaptures are changed by their own PostProcess Materials, so:

  1. The SceneCapture “Color” only shows Base Color Values
  2. The “Depth” is changed to a Displacement Map generated per tick :smiley:
  3. The same with Custom Depth, but in this project it exists but is not used in the main material

The MAIN Material gets all 3 textures samples and uses them to created a tesselation material.
This material is the 3D Map and is used on a simple plane.
This plane is always in front of the player (with a little bit of rotation adjustments :D)

So, i thought, this could be a nice project for the marketplace, but - unfortunately - it looks not so good as expected.
Because of that i decided to give you this project for free.

If you are more experienced in making materials and tessellation than i am, please proceed with developing to make this project looking good.


TessellationMap.part1.rar (45MB)
TessellationMap.part2.rar (40MB)

Video: http://youtu.be/z4A8BYaQqVg

Have a nice day


That’s a very clever solution, really cool effect for a map.

thank you:)

Thanks for providing this example, I definitely plan on using what I learned from picking it apart in an upcoming project.

To give back a little bit, here’s a slightly updated version I put together: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7662877/TessellationMap.zip

I managed to fix the bug where the object would sometimes go invisible in places. Turns out it was because you were rendering it as a translucent material, and it was having some sorting problems. I switched the material to opaque, and to get around the camera spotting it for an infinite loop I made it so only the object owner can see it. Just as personal preference, I also made it so the camera changes height based on where the player is, but that’s easily undone if you don’t like it that way.

This might be useful to any project. I like it and thanks so much for sharing it