Tessellation deprecated?

in that regard then props get the only benefit

the work im coming from is as an environment artist dealing with blended tiling sets that used to have the benefit of tessellation. now nanite says, treat it all as a zbrush prop without the baking. i trade time for quality because i now have to sculpt everything as apposed to having a non destructive work flow of vertex blending my details

lets hope they address it. they still never properly addressed glaring issues like metallic uses on decals lol

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Yeah I can’t say I’m thrilled about that either :frowning:

to be clear, LOVE nanite quality, just hope they fix how to use it

Check the Livestream yesterday:
They address many things about Nanite & the future.

Here’s the gist:

  • Nanite static meshes will support everything which is possible with UE4 static meshes, including Tessellation, vertex painting (they were looking for a different name for that :slight_smile: ) & even non-rigid meshes.
  • They are experimenting(or will) with Nanite for foliage
  • Landscapes will get Lumen support
  • Landscapes might not use Nanite & suggested to use Virtual HeightField Mesh.

There’s another LiveStream in two weeks on Nanite, so lets ask all these questions there.

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How can Nanite replace tessellation if it they are almost completely orthogonal?

Nanite doesn’t support translucency, displacement and a lot of other useful things (yet). Tessellation was a simple abstract operation, it’s not just for one use case that Nanite is.

Now I can’t draw some things with maximum efficiency. When I move to UE5, I think, I’ll dig source changes and will try to bring it back. Maybe someone wants to collaborate on this?

In the recent Inside Unreal webinar, the core dev said, Tessellation & non-rigid support will come to Nanite but not in 5.0.

They suggested using Virtual HeightField Mesh, but it’s experimental & it looks like a hack.