Tessellation and Landscape Dissapearance

I’m a beginner, I’ve mixed a lot of tutorials and created one big landscape material that gives me a lot of headache.
I’ll start by showing photos.

In the first photo, you can see that I’ve created 4 layers, that go through a lot of MakeMaterialAttributes and BreakMaterialAttributes.

The first LayerBlend (up) contains all my Alpha Blends. The last one contains my Weight and Height blends.


This is my tessellation. That is connected to the last MakeMatAttr. I also have a small Pixel Depth here, that it seems that it doesn’t do much ( I don’t know? )

Now, my Tessellation settings are the following.


Now, the results… starting with CLOSE


and FAR


What am I doing wrong? Why is my landscape shrinking? I’ve tried to mess with the tessell settings, but no results so far. Please, I need some help!